A Week (or two/three-ish) In Pictures

I have been positively up to my ears in housework, homework, and regular old work! As a result I have been neglecting my poor blog. Here are a few snaps from the past couple of weeks to make up for my abscence:

Flora’s newest passion is helping out with my Bus 110 homework. I legit need it.
My coworker brought me tacos to entice me to come back after a full weekend off.
Lexi has DOUBLED in size already! She is such a joy! Sidenote: we found a way to reuse the bouncy seat.
Flora captured this photo the exact moment that I decided it was time to clean off the dining room table.
Nature made art from my lack of weeding skills. I appreciate it.
Will noticed and complimented my makeup. I took a self-congratulatory selfie. 

My lavender sachets are now available on Etsy! I’ll be adding more to the store soon! Magpie 1389
Flora wasn’t even being difficult but she looked like such a teenager here.

The sky was spectacular this evening.
Flora and Lexi were so tired after their day with Mimi! I know they had a blast!

That wraps it up! I have a few projects in the works (including a vlog). Stay tuned!

With love,