A Week (or two/three-ish) In Pictures

I have been positively up to my ears in housework, homework, and regular old work! As a result I have been neglecting my poor blog. Here are a few snaps from the past couple of weeks to make up for my abscence:

Flora’s newest passion is helping out with my Bus 110 homework. I legit need it.
My coworker brought me tacos to entice me to come back after a full weekend off.
Lexi has DOUBLED in size already! She is such a joy! Sidenote: we found a way to reuse the bouncy seat.
Flora captured this photo the exact moment that I decided it was time to clean off the dining room table.
Nature made art from my lack of weeding skills. I appreciate it.
Will noticed and complimented my makeup. I took a self-congratulatory selfie. 

My lavender sachets are now available on Etsy! I’ll be adding more to the store soon! Magpie 1389
Flora wasn’t even being difficult but she looked like such a teenager here.

The sky was spectacular this evening.
Flora and Lexi were so tired after their day with Mimi! I know they had a blast!

That wraps it up! I have a few projects in the works (including a vlog). Stay tuned!

With love,


Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my fellow mommies out there! I’m certainly having a lovely one. Flora and Will gave me a gift certificate for a facial and blowout and I am so looking forward to using it! We had brunch with my parents which was wonderful. Will’s mom was at the beach so hopefully we’ll do something with her next weekend.

On to the pictures!

Brunch was fantastic!
Mama, Me, and Flora. Don’t mind the compost bins in the background!
A family shot. ❤
My darling girl! So thankful that I get to be her Mama.
Lexi had a blast with Frodo!
I was trying to get a selfie of both of our outfits. Flora was not feeling it.

I love the dress that I’m wearing. I bought it in Charlotte from a consignment store before I was pregnant. I love the color, the pleats in the bodice, and the fact that it is very well lined but woah that fabric creased as soon as I sat down!

Flora’s outfit is my favorite! It’s Ruffle Butts brand and I bought it at Cotton Candy Kid’s Boutique in Downtown Gastonia. I sized up to an 18-24 months since Flora is so tall and it should fit her through the summer.

I didn’t get a photo of our gifts to my mom. We gave her a lovely floral pattern gardening set, Gardener’s Soap from Greenwich Bay Trading Co., a candle from Mallory & Co., a journal from Peter Pauper Press, and some Calm Chamomile tea from Tazo. She definitely liked the gardening set the best since she has a huge garden this year! Making gift bags is one of my favorite things and I’m so glad I got to make a few this year.

How was your Mother’s Day? Does your family have any fun traditions?

With love,

Showing Yourself Grace

Sorry I’ve been a bit radio silence this week. It’s been a doozie.

My Great Uncle passed away suddenly a couple of days ago. He was a preacher, a dedicated father, and a devoted husband. He was always so kind and so devoted to his work for the Lord, doing for others even at times when he wasn’t in good health. He was truly a wonderful person and he will be missed.

It’s so strange how loss shakes us up and makes us really evaluate our lives and priorities. Yesterday was my first day off of work without any commitments in weeks. Will has finals this week so he was planning on packing up Flora and Lexi and taking them to Charlotte to spend the day with their Mimi. I had planned on spending the day cleaning (why does my house never stay clean???) as well as drafting a couple of posts for my poor neglected blog here. Maybe even working on a vlog.

Then I looked down at Flora, who was peacefully napping, and realized how much she has changed over the course of just a few weeks. I realized that I have been so busy that I honestly didn’t even notice.  “They’re staying with me today,” I told Will.

He responded with, “but you won’t get anything done and you’ll be in a bad mood.”

Yeah, well. My daily routine as of late has been get up, frantically get everyone ready and out of the house, go to work and deal with people and being on my feet all day, come home, try to get food on the table, bath time, bed time, maybe do some laundry. Days off recently have been spent registering myself for school, attending a sidewalk sale, and trying to deal with the annoying nagging adult things that we all deal with from time to time that kept me away from home. I spend all day every day doing and get myself anxious and worked up because I have myself convinced that it’s not enough. I needed a day to reconnect with my child and to get to know the newest member of our household.

That’s not to say the day was perfect and picturesque. Flora’s getting over a virus and getting molars so she wasn’t in the best mood for some of the day. I may have snapped at her for trying to feed the puppy a grocery bag. Sometimes Lexi pees when she gets excited and she gets excited every time we put the leash on. Laundry continues to go unfolded. I have an eczema break out and it’s affecting my selfie game. Will and I argued over time management because we are both so busy and there is never enough time.

Blurry partners in crime.

All tuckered out.

Even with all of that (and a still messy house) I woke up this morning feeling a little bit more content than I had been before. I still have a million things to do all day every day but it feels more manageable. I’m trying to be easy on myself and allowing myself to enjoy the little things instead of beating myself up for not being perfect at everything. I’m trying to show some grace to myself.

Do you make a point to show yourself grace? How do you go about doing so?

With love,

Downtown Gastonia Sidewalk Sale

Yesterday was the first (hopefully of many) Downtown Gastonia Sidewalk Sale! It was great to have a bunch of the downtown merchants all out together. I even had my own spot set up with a little bit of housewares and a LOT of Flora’s outgrown clothes and baby items. Of course, being me, I spent more time talking and eating than selling!

The shady side of the street was a popular spot to set up!
It was so exciting having so many businesses represented in one block!
Not terrible for my first time at this kind of thing and flying solo! Next time I’ll have a prettier display. I was so happy that someone bought the bouncer, swing, and play mat at the very end! Everything left over will be donated.

During the sale, Sleepy Poet was having a pet adoption event with the Gaston County Animal Control. Of course I had to pet all of the puppies as the volunteers from the shelter brought them out. There were seven total and they were able to place four at the event! I even adopted one myself.

You guys, this is Alexandra (or Lexi)! She is a Lab/Terrier/Rottweiler mix and I am in love! Animal Control will drop her off at the vet on Tuesday for her physical and shots and then I can pick her up. We are counting the minutes until we can welcome her to her new home!

There are so many amazing things going on right now. It is so exciting to be involved in the revitalization of downtown. I’ll be adding a reference page to this site with links to some local businesses websites because there are just too many incredible places to list in a single post. I’ll be starting a “Local Flavor” feature as kind of a travel guide to Gastonia/Gaston County/North Carolina. If anyone has ideas of places to feature or owns a business that you would like to have featured please contact me!

With love,

Sad to Fab: Displaying Lavender Sachets

I’ll be the first to admit that between working full time and parenting, sometimes certain things fall by the wayside. Laundry, blogging, creating beautiful displays and vignettes in my own booth at work. Sometimes things wind up a bit neglected.

A few months ago, I made up a bunch of cute little lavender sachets for my booth. I priced them and brought them in and had no idea how to display them. They ended up in various random places throughout the booth and didn’t sell very well.

See? Cute! Nevermind the coffee table in bad need of refinishing. Did I mention things being neglected?

WELL NOT ANYMORE! I picked up a super inexpensive luggage stand and a vintage suitcase with pretty pink lining and got to work.

Look at that glorious pink satin lining.

I used good old trusty chalk paint to take my display from sad and mismatched to fab. Tea Rose from Dixie Belle this time, in case you were wondering. It coordinates beautifully with the lovely pink lining in the suitcase.

Removing the upholstery staples to replace the ribbons on the luggage stand was by far the worst part of this project. I had to do it twice because the ribbon I originally used wouldn’t hold the weight of the suitcase and merchandise. Uphostery staples are a huge pain.

The suitcase was very simple. The outside was in good condition and only needed a wipe down. Some twine and hot glue took care of the interior.

Once all of that was done, I could put it all together. I can’t wait to stage this in my booth! This would also be really cute for photos and mementos at home.

P.S. I’m now realizing that I took no pictures of the whole during process. This is not the place for photo tutorials, friends! Seriously, though, I’ll try to do better in the future!

With love,

The Starter Porch

When we first moved into the house back in December and started furnishing it, I totally forgot about having two porches. Even though the porches were honestly one of the main selling points of the house. They were both pretty much empty until maybe a month ago. Here is what we have going on so far.

The view from the sidewalk. Will re-mulched EVERYTHING.
Stepping onto the front porch.
Window boxes!
The side porch.

The mill cart on the front porch came from a woodworking shop up in Troutman, North Carolina. Our neighbors just gave us a bunch of aloe plants (so nice!) that I’ll eventually re-plant in different pots. I really like how they look on the cart. All of the other furniture and accessories on the front porch came from my work except for the “Home Sweet Home” doormat (Target) and the other plants. I plan on changing up the basket on the door and adding some curtains in the near future. I have my eye out for a plant stand or something to replace the director’s chair by the door. I’m leaving it for now because it is a great place for the mailman to leave packages and for the neighborhood cats to hang out and nap.

The bistro set on the side porch came from my parents’ house. They actually had two almost exactly matching sets and were kind enough to let me have the smaller one. The green candle holder came from work and the blue planters are from Target. The mirrored wind chime is something that I’ve had forever and it makes really pretty patterns on the wall in the afternoon light. The blue and pink rug was a gift. I would really like to figure out some lighting and, again, curtains for the side porch.

Overall I’m fairly pleased with our porches and landscaping in the front for right now. We have comfortable spaces where we can relax and there’s room on both porches for our daughter’s playpen, which is a bonus.

What are you doing to get your outdoor spaces ready for summer?

With love,

Sad Centerpiece to Fab Cupcake Display

I didn’t mention it in my intro post, but I work at an antique shop. The whole “monkey selling bananas” thing definitely applies. Especially when one of my coworkers comes up to the front desk all, “Hannah, that candle stand over in the corner would make a great cupcake display.”

My interest was piqued. I made myself wait until the next day to scope it out. My coworker was absolutely right. That candle stand WOULD make a great cupcake display. I paid for it and brought it home to work some magic on it.

I pulled out my small collection of paint and selected the shade “Fluff” by Dixie Belle. It’s a crisp white that really makes any color pop. Then, I enlisted my favorite little helper and we got to work!

She loves “helping!”

After just two coats of paint it was ready to go! With that and Easter fast approaching, what better reason to have an impromptu dessert bar? I baked some cupcakes (recipe here), iced them (this recipe plus an extra 1/2 tsp vanilla), and threw on some sprinkles. Some festive candy and plastic eggs in the bottom of the stand completed the look.


Wishing you and your family a lovely holiday.

With Love,