The Definitive Guide to Making Your Own Darn Sandwich, Dear

Is your partner a lovely person who does not yet know how to adult? Do they astound you almost daily with their lack of basic survival skills? Well, you are in luck! I’m here to help.

When your partner claims to not have the knowledge or skill required to make their own sandwich, don’t get mad. Simply show them this helpful guide!

Here is the definitive guide to making your own darn sandwich:

Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Today we’re just making your basic turkey sandwich that shouldn’t offend even the pickiest omnivore. We have here: bread, cheese, turkey, mustard, and mayo. Don’t forget the plate and knife!

The sandwich ingredients and supplies.

Step 2. Preparing the bread.

Place two slices of bread on the plate. Spread condiments of choice on bread.

That mustard is thrilled that you are taking steps toward true adult independence!

Step 3. Apply meat and cheese.

Open turkey package. Open cheese package. Apply both to one slice of bread in the form of a stack. Optional: veggies. I usually do, however, this guide is for picky eaters.

I prefer for my mustard and cheese not to touch because it seems weird. Use your discretion.

Step 4. Close it up.

Place unoccupied slice of bread on top of bread-turkey-cheese stack, condiment side down.

Congratulations! Your sandwich is complete!

Step 5. Completing your task.

Your sandwich is now complete and you’re ready to taste the sweet, sweet flavor of low-sodium honey roasted turkey mixed with success. But, wait! There is one more thing left to do…

Don’t forget to clean up after yourself! Your partner will be happily surprised and nobody will get yelled at for letting the mayo go bad (again)!


I hope that you enjoyed this guide and that it has been helpful to you. Please note that while almost everything that I used in this guide was from Target’s Market Pantry brand, this was not a sponsored post. I just really enjoy the Target ambience and $aving$.

If you would be interested in more passive-aggressive guides, please comment below with your suggestions.

With love,


Sad to Fab: Displaying Lavender Sachets

I’ll be the first to admit that between working full time and parenting, sometimes certain things fall by the wayside. Laundry, blogging, creating beautiful displays and vignettes in my own booth at work. Sometimes things wind up a bit neglected.

A few months ago, I made up a bunch of cute little lavender sachets for my booth. I priced them and brought them in and had no idea how to display them. They ended up in various random places throughout the booth and didn’t sell very well.

See? Cute! Nevermind the coffee table in bad need of refinishing. Did I mention things being neglected?

WELL NOT ANYMORE! I picked up a super inexpensive luggage stand and a vintage suitcase with pretty pink lining and got to work.

Look at that glorious pink satin lining.

I used good old trusty chalk paint to take my display from sad and mismatched to fab. Tea Rose from Dixie Belle this time, in case you were wondering. It coordinates beautifully with the lovely pink lining in the suitcase.

Removing the upholstery staples to replace the ribbons on the luggage stand was by far the worst part of this project. I had to do it twice because the ribbon I originally used wouldn’t hold the weight of the suitcase and merchandise. Uphostery staples are a huge pain.

The suitcase was very simple. The outside was in good condition and only needed a wipe down. Some twine and hot glue took care of the interior.

Once all of that was done, I could put it all together. I can’t wait to stage this in my booth! This would also be really cute for photos and mementos at home.

P.S. I’m now realizing that I took no pictures of the whole during process. This is not the place for photo tutorials, friends! Seriously, though, I’ll try to do better in the future!

With love,

Sad Centerpiece to Fab Cupcake Display

I didn’t mention it in my intro post, but I work at an antique shop. The whole “monkey selling bananas” thing definitely applies. Especially when one of my coworkers comes up to the front desk all, “Hannah, that candle stand over in the corner would make a great cupcake display.”

My interest was piqued. I made myself wait until the next day to scope it out. My coworker was absolutely right. That candle stand WOULD make a great cupcake display. I paid for it and brought it home to work some magic on it.

I pulled out my small collection of paint and selected the shade “Fluff” by Dixie Belle. It’s a crisp white that really makes any color pop. Then, I enlisted my favorite little helper and we got to work!

She loves “helping!”

After just two coats of paint it was ready to go! With that and Easter fast approaching, what better reason to have an impromptu dessert bar? I baked some cupcakes (recipe here), iced them (this recipe plus an extra 1/2 tsp vanilla), and threw on some sprinkles. Some festive candy and plastic eggs in the bottom of the stand completed the look.


Wishing you and your family a lovely holiday.

With Love,