Hey there!

I’m Hannah! Currently striving for authenticity and trying to give up on the idea of perfection. Welcome to my world!

Why “Full Belly Bungalow”?

My daughter and I tend to get what is commonly referred to as “hangry.” Cooking, baking, and eating are some of my personal favorite ways to decompress. In our world, a full belly means happiness and peace! Our current home is a bungalow which I originally planned to feature heavily on this site. Thus, “Full Belly Bungalow” was born.

About Affiliate Links – 9/24/2017

I want for FBB to be an enjoyable reading experience for each and every visitor. For that reason, I am trying very hard to avoid sidebar and pop-up ads on this site. I will continue to do so for as long as is feasible.

With that being said, I do spend quite a bit of time and money on this project. It is only fair that I be compensated at the very least to make up my expenses. The middle ground that I’ve decided to go with is using affiliate links in some posts.

You are absolutely under no obligation to purchase anything from these links. I am not personally sponsored by any company, and if any posts are ever sponsored I will note as much in that post. I promise to only share products that I personally use and enjoy. It should go without saying, but I want for you to know that your information is always private.