Starting off the Second Half with a Bang!

Already midway through the year! Wow! So much has happened recently. A quick recap to start:

  • I’ve officially started my journey transitioning from a job to a career. It is scary but I believe it will be well worth the personal development and reduced stress.
  • I’ve given up my antique mall booth. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up on projects though!
  • My IG has changed from @duchessofsleepy to @just.hannah.thanks to reflect the changes in my life.
  • My second summer class has started just as my first one is winding down. I still have to get through my group presentation for business class!
  • Changes going on around the house soon. I’ll keep you all updated as things happen!

I spent the morning and afternoon with my younger brother in Charlotte today. We had a blast taking Flora to storytime at Barnes & Noble, re-living my past as a mallrat at Southpark, and then having an AMAZING lunch at New Zealand Cafe followed by delicious Snow Shakes from Kona Snow.

Flora was READY TO GO as soon as she was bathed and dressed this morning.
He is always so nice about enabling my selfie problem.
New Zealand Cafe! This is my brother’s bento box meal. I inhaled a single Sweet Dragon Roll (not pictured) and then ate all of his tempura veggies.
Snow Shake! I got passion fruit topped with whipped cream and passion fruit boba beads. It was amazing! Highly recommend Kona Snow!
Excuse the bathroom Myspace selfie. I bought this shirt at Target months ago and am just getting a chance to wear. I really love it.

I’m excited to attend some July 4th festivities in town this year! Does anyone have big plans? Family traditions?

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend!

Lots of love,


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