The Starter Porch

When we first moved into the house back in December and started furnishing it, I totally forgot about having two porches. Even though the porches were honestly one of the main selling points of the house. They were both pretty much empty until maybe a month ago. Here is what we have going on so far.

The view from the sidewalk. Will re-mulched EVERYTHING.
Stepping onto the front porch.
Window boxes!
The side porch.

The mill cart on the front porch came from a woodworking shop up in Troutman, North Carolina. Our neighbors just gave us a bunch of aloe plants (so nice!) that I’ll eventually re-plant in different pots. I really like how they look on the cart. All of the other furniture and accessories on the front porch came from my work except for the “Home Sweet Home” doormat (Target) and the other plants. I plan on changing up the basket on the door and adding some curtains in the near future. I have my eye out for a plant stand or something to replace the director’s chair by the door. I’m leaving it for now because it is a great place for the mailman to leave packages and for the neighborhood cats to hang out and nap.

The bistro set on the side porch came from my parents’ house. They actually had two almost exactly matching sets and were kind enough to let me have the smaller one. The green candle holder came from work and the blue planters are from Target. The mirrored wind chime is something that I’ve had forever and it makes really pretty patterns on the wall in the afternoon light. The blue and pink rug was a gift. I would really like to figure out some lighting and, again, curtains for the side porch.

Overall I’m fairly pleased with our porches and landscaping in the front for right now. We have comfortable spaces where we can relax and there’s room on both porches for our daughter’s playpen, which is a bonus.

What are you doing to get your outdoor spaces ready for summer?

With love,


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