Sad Centerpiece to Fab Cupcake Display

I didn’t mention it in my intro post, but I work at an antique shop. The whole “monkey selling bananas” thing definitely applies. Especially when one of my coworkers comes up to the front desk all, “Hannah, that candle stand over in the corner would make a great cupcake display.”

My interest was piqued. I made myself wait until the next day to scope it out. My coworker was absolutely right. That candle stand WOULD make a great cupcake display. I paid for it and brought it home to work some magic on it.

I pulled out my small collection of paint and selected the shade “Fluff” by Dixie Belle. It’s a crisp white that really makes any color pop. Then, I enlisted my favorite little helper and we got to work!

She loves “helping!”

After just two coats of paint it was ready to go! With that and Easter fast approaching, what better reason to have an impromptu dessert bar? I baked some cupcakes (recipe here), iced them (this recipe plus an extra 1/2 tsp vanilla), and threw on some sprinkles. Some festive candy and plastic eggs in the bottom of the stand completed the look.


Wishing you and your family a lovely holiday.

With Love,



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